• 615 Smooth

Technical Description:

The use of real time ultra high speed analogue dynamic processing to control audio program peaks effectively before you go into the digital domain is clearly the best way forward to record a great sound. With zero digital latency, the player can feel and judge perfectly his playing technique to produce results that are truly outstanding.

The 615 smooth uses advanced unique feed forward gain reduction techniques developed from their roots in the legendary RM 58 Limiters to give great player feeling whilst controlling the dynamics to produce smooth controlled output that is perfect for digital recordings or amplifier tones.

The ability to control the dynamics in such a free and natural sounding way enables Amplfiers to be set to a predetermined maximum distortion point.

When recording digitally as the maximum level is now controlled the player can relax and play freely without worrying about record level whilst getting a great consistent sound with maximum resolution from the DAW.

The 615 can also add extra 2nd Harmonics to the peaks enhancing the tone with a very natural musical flavour.

The transparency and detail of the original source is maintained using a Class A Discrete Audio Path with extended frequency response. This means that the 615 smooth can be used with great success for Bass Guitar together with all other normal studio tasks. It has universal applications for all sorts of percussive instruments as well.

Instrument Friendly:

The -10dBV mode input is high impedance that enables a guitar or other instrument to be plugged straight into the 615 smooth without the need for a buffer. It will not tone suck the pickups and is very quiet and transparent. The -10dBV output will interface correctly with an amplifier or an input to a recording device. This extends the use to live shows using the 615 smooth into an amplifier or to the PA system. You can use the +4dBV output to interface the instrument with a professional level recording studio recording system.

Power Supply:

There are no mains transformers in the unit to provide a source of hum. The 615 comes with a 48V DC REGULATED UNIVERSAL WORLD AC/DC SWITCHING ADAPTOR .This input voltage is further regulated and filtered onboard for the best possible noise free performance. 

Dimensions: 135 x 95x 55mm 

Weight: 325g 

Listen to examples of this pedal in action.

1 - GUITAR 615 + V-BLUES HI-W (mp3)

1 - GUITAR 615 + V-BLUES HI-W (wav)

2 - VOCAL IN TRACK + 615 (mp3)

2 - VOCAL IN TRACK + 615 (wav)

3 - VOCAL ISOLATED +615 (mp3)

3 - VOCAL ISOLATED +615 (wav)



5 - SNARE IN TRACK USING 456+615 (mp3)

5 - SNARE IN TRACK USING 456+615 (wav)

6 - SNARE ISOLATED +615 (mp3)

6 - SNARE ISOLATED +615 (wav)



8 - ACOUSTIC ISOLATED +615 (mp3)

8 - ACOUSTIC ISOLATED +615 (wav)



10 - BASS ISOLATED +615 (mp3)

10 - BASS ISOLATED +615 (wav)

11 - BASS ISOLATED (mp3)

11 - BASS ISOLATED (wav)

12 - BASS 2 ISOLATED +615 (mp3)

12 - BASS 2 ISOLATED +615 (wav)

13 - BASS 2 ISOLATED (mp3)

13 - BASS 2 ISOLATED (wav)

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615 Smooth

  • Brand: Roger Mayer
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